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Fruit enjoyment with no detours

The pleasant sweetness, refined with a slightly sour taste: every bite is an absolute delight with an ideally ripened kiwi. This unique taste experience at consumption is not serendipity – but the result of a well-thought-out production and logistics chain with perfectly coordinated factors. That is why we at ASICA ITALIA keep the distance from shrub to store shelf as short as possible. With us as your European retail partner, interim stops and CO2-intensive overseas transports are a thing of the past. This reduces the waste of goods, protects the climate, and establishes reliable delivery conditions.

Packaging – handled with care

A kiwi is a delicate contemporary. Our packing pros have the touch and expertise to arrange each fruit for its long journey from Italy to all corners of Europe without it getting damaged - exactly according to your specifications: whether loose goods in a crate or intelligently designed individual packaging with inserts or special labels: at ASICA ITALIA, we can implement almost any packaging request into action. And that with the latest labelling solutions for the seamless traceability of goods. You not only benefit from our many years of experience, we also have a keen eye for current market developments and know a great deal about ecological material alternatives, allowing the kiwis to present their best side to your customers.


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