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Best location, best goods -
the Province of Latina

Taste is what matters most. Our kiwis are grown under ideal cultivation conditions, which is an important cornerstone of a perfect kiwi. They are ASICA ITALIA's recipe for success.

Our plantation is located in the middle of the Italian Province of Latina, around 70 kilometres southeast of Rome. Here, in the picturesque Pontic plain, a former swamp area forms the perfect foundation for high-quality cultivation. The region has been one of the most important production sites for kiwis since the 1970s - thanks to the mineral-rich and well-drained soils and the year-round mild climate. There is practically no ground frost here, which allows for longer ripening periods on the shrub. The later harvest time is what makes the taste and texture of the fruit exceptional and raises it to a special standard of quality.

Tradition meets dynamisms

We believe in values like trust and experience, in the fertile interplay of consistency and dynamism. Massimo Nardini, who took over his father's large enterprise in 2001, stands for a living tradition in fruit cultivation with regional roots. His expertise supplemented by the benchmark know-how of an internationally successful import and maturation specialist: this is ASICA ITALIA. With a highly committed team, we embody our enthusiasm for kiwis every day. The result: efficient production, delicious kiwis, and perfect, customer-oriented service.


Via Ponte Sordino
IT-04013 Sermoneta